Annual TB Risk Assessment Requirement

The much debated updates to R. 61-91, the South Carolina regulations for ASCs, became effective on June 26, 2015. The updated regulations can be viewed at The update modernizes several sections to bring the regulations into compliance with current standards for ASCs. As has been much debated, the regulations also include a change in definition to “Same Day” that now allows ASCs to keep patients up to 24 hours.

At the membership meeting in August, several members discussed the new regulations and the requirement for an annual tuberculosis risk assessment. Specifically, the ASC regulations now include a requirement for every center “to conduct an annual tuberculosis risk assessment in accordance with CDC guidelines.”

The CDC guidelines can be found at

SCASCA is working to meet with DHEC to discuss this requirement and what surveyors will be looking for during a facility survey. An update on this subject will be discussed at the upcoming membership meeting in November and will also be sent to SCASCA members.